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From developing custom courses for Fortune 500 companies to the launch of our new online academy, SISU is committed to developing successful leaders at each level of the organization through results-based training and personal coaching.
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[see’-soo] noun

Extraordinary determination, courage and resoluteness in the face of extreme adversity.  An action mindset which enables individuals to reach beyond their present limitations, take action against all odds and transform barriers into frontiers.

Your Instructor

Founder, SISU Consulting Group

Author: Own the Gap, Management for Omotenashi, Cultural Enablers

Director Emeritus, Shingo Institute

Lifetime Member of the Shingo Academy

Member, Shingo Assessment Committee

4x Shingo Research Prize Winner


Mike is intense and his past success and business experience lend confidence and excitement to his sessions.  As opposed to other companies that merely come in and present training classes, SISU ensures clients are addressing actual business needs, refines learning needs down to their simplest form and identifies critical indicators of success.  Each participant is held accountable to learn and apply the information taught and Mike gives individual attention to each person to identify their strengths, overcome personal obstacles and taste success.  Once the word gets out that Mike is leading a session, people are clamoring to get into the class.

Allison Barlow

Director of Development, OC Tanner

Michael Martyn

Founder and President of SISU Consulting Group, Mike is based in Portland, Oregon but travels extensively to support clients across the globe, including Europe, Latin America and Asia.  SISU Consulting Group is a Licensed Affiliate for the Shingo Institute and an award winning international consultancy supporting clients in 22 countries and responsible for the training and development of certified Shingo trainers and examiners. 

Mike has personally coached more than 200 organizations in implementing the principles of enterprise excellence, including Baxter Healthcare, Boeing, Raytheon, Intermountain Healthcare, La-Z-Boy, OC Tanner, Daimler, University of Washington, Aera Energy, Boston Scientific, Christie Clinic and Abbott.  Over the past 20 years, Mike has contributed hugely to the development of the Shingo Model and Assessment Framework, is Director Emeritus of the Shingo Institute, 4x  Shingo Prize winning author and Lifetime member of the Shingo Academy. 

In his Shingo Prize winning book, Own the Gap, Mike sets out a clear and successful methodology for helping organizations translate the theory of the Shingo Model into reality, and by focusing on the 4-Key Systems, achieve world-class business results.  In 2023, Mike’s book Management for Omotenashi won the Shingo Publication Award.  A companion to Own the Gap, this book teaches organizations how to lead for purpose, passion, and performance

Prior to founding SISU, Mike worked in the private equity arena, successfully turning around companies in both manufacturing and service industries.  It was during this time as a turnaround specialist that Mike was personally mentored in the principles of the Toyota Production System and refined his approach to driving business results by designing a management system that engages each member of the organization in team-based problem solving toward customer-centric goals.

what we value

Our approach is grounded in the principles of respect and humility and our commitment to achiveing business results is driven by the belief that great people make great organizations.  Align your people to a higher purpose, ignite their passion through kaizen, and performance will follow.

Results Are in Our Blood

For more than 20 years, SISU has supported more than 500 organizations across both manufacturing and service industries.  We do this by developing leaders at each level of the organization who can successfully design principle-based daily management systems which engage everyone in their organization and drive business results.  Enroll in our courses and experience why SISU has more award winning clients than any other consultancy in the world!

we literally wrote the books!

Own the Gap

Winner of the 2013 Shingo Research Prize, learn the key systems necessary to build a team-based daily kaizen culture.

Management for Omotenashi

Winner of the 2023 Shingo Publication Award, learn how to lead for purpose, passion and performance.

Cultural Enablers

Loaded with best practice examples from our Shingo winning clients, learn the principles of respect and humility.

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