8 Weeks

The masterclass runs for eight weeks and is designed to fit into your busy lifestyle while simultaneously pacing the material to ensure you have enough time to engage with the content.  Each week features a live session with the author where common questions are answered and real time coaching provided.

7 Modules

Mike will guide you step-by-step through defining your leadership philosophy, painting a vision for the future, building a balanced strategy, setting omotenashi standards, designing your follow up and setting development goals for the future.

90+ Videos

Each module is packed with videos of the author.  Each video is short and aligned to a specific element of creating an omotenashi culture and leading for purpose, passion and performance.  In addition to Mike’s teaching videos, bonus videos of various leaders have been included to help you.


The entire masterclass is supported by a workbook which summarizes the key points of each module, provides action-oriented exercises to support implementation in your organization, and contains bonus materials to aid in your development.

Best Practices

 The live sessions will include best practice examples from SISU’s clients.  Mike will also support each participant in their progress by answering questions and providing coaching on implementation.

Purpose.  Passion.  Performance

“The key to inspiring and engaging people is to define why an organization exists and give each person the opportunity to discover their own purpose connected to the mastery of their work and the contribution they make.  This discovery of purpose and connection to mastery leads to the development of one’s ikigai, or reason for being.

Ikigai is a uniquely Japanese concept that stems from the root word “ikiru” which means life and “kai” which translates as the realization that one hopes for.  It is often expressed as the reason one gets out of bed in the morning.  The better a leader is at connecting people with their work and structuring work with an element of challenge and personal satisfaction, the higher the level of ikigai.  

Work itself then becomes secondary to the interaction people have with their work and the opportunity they have to express themselves through continuous improvement, growth and personal mastery.”

Your Instructor

Founder and President of SISU Consulting Group, Mike travels extensively to support clients across the globe, including Europe, Latin America and Asia.   Over the past 20 years, Mike has contributed hugely to the development of the Shingo Model and Assessment Framework, is Director Emeritus of the Shingo Institute, 4x Shingo Prize winning author and Lifetime member of the Shingo Academy.

One of Mike’s primary roles with SISU is the development of leaders at each level of the organization.  In this role, Mike has trained and personally coached thousands of leaders through his live workshops, online development courses, executive coaching, and Coaching Camps.

Mike’s experience with the concepts of omotenashi, kaizen and ikigai come from his extensive travels to Japan.  Beginning with a business trip in 2004, Mike has spent countless hours learning about Japanese culture and benchmarking world-class kaizen cultures.  During his visits, Mike has been asked to be a guest lecturer at numerous Japanese companies and share his approach for creating team-based daily kaizen cultures.  Over the years, Mike has also had the opportunity to gain “behind the scenes” access to some of Japan’s top companies; Honda, Denso, Nissan, Toyota, Ina Foods, and TESSEI, to name a few.

The visit to TESSEI in particular would serve as a catalyst to bring his 20 years of experience together into a model for leaders.  Over a period of two years, Mike collaborated with TESSEI’s Former Chairman, Teruo Yabe.  These sessions, in addition to Mike’s work with other Shingo-winning clients led to the publishing of Management for Omotenashi.

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