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Learn how to implement our award-winning approach, either as part of a guided masterclass personally lead by Mike Martyn, or at your own pace in one of our self-study courses.
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Our masterclasses are designed to take you and your organization to the next level.  Each masterclass is an 8-week course personally led by Mike Martyn.  The courses are a blend of live virtual sessions and self-study videos, accompanied by a step-by-step implementation workbook.  Each live session is recorded for viewing later and each module contains best practice bonus material to help you in your implementation.

management for omotenashi masterclass

Our Omotenashi Masterclass takes you step-by-step through the success path introduced in the book.  The course includes 7 modules spread out over 8 weeks, with more than 100 videos taught by the author.  Mike Martyn personally leads this masterclass and conducts live sessions each week to share best practices, answer questions and help in the successful implementation of the model.

own the gap masterclass (coming soon)

Our Own the Gap Masterclass will be released in conjunction with the long-awaited 2nd edition of the book.  It has been 10 years since Own the Gap won the 2013 Shingo Research Award and Mike plans to release a completed updated version of the book with lessons learned from helping organizations all over the world.  The book will also include a success path to guide the reader through the implementation of the model.





 Our online self-study courses take you through the Own the Gap model and methodology.  Each course contains video lessons taught by the author, followed by practical exercises to cement your learning and assist in the implementation of the content.  Each course contains tools and techniques used directly with our clients.

OTG: Understand the Model

This course takes you step by step through our Shingo winning book and implementation model and contains additional videos and implementation advice not contained in the book.

OTG: learn the principles

Dive into the Principles of Enterprise Excellence using the Shingo Model to assess your leadership style and organizational culture and properly balance principles, systems and tools.

OTG: design your systems

Armed with an understanding of our model and the Shingo Model, this course takes you through keys to the design and implementation of a closed-loop daily management system.

SISU’s approach is as inspiring as it is practical…their model is the best systematic approach that I have seen that is simple, yet delivers high impact for creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Jacob Raymer

Chief Transformation Officer, Munson Healthcare

Gain confidence

Armed with best practices in implementing a principle-based daily management system and leading for purpose, passion and performance, you confidence will grow as your skills deepen.

improve performance

Each of our courses is taught directly by the author, has been tested and proven to deliver results, and is designed to ensure you can apply your learning and improve performance.

what makes our courses unique?

Each of our programs has been proven to get results and focuses on implementation rather than just the transfer of knowledge.  The courses eliminate unnecessary jargon and help you not only understand what to do, but more importantly, how to do it in your unique environment.

Interactive Courses

Each of our courses is highly interactive with proven implementation exercises we use with all our clients.

Video Tutorials

Each course contains hours of video of the author sharing his experience building world-class cultures and driving results.

Progress Tracking

Each course allows the student to test their knowledge, track their progress, attach their exercises, and report their results.

Companies don’t invest money in ideas.  They invest money in ideas that return actual dollars.  SISU taught us valueable improvement systems and how to implement them ourselves.  Mike’s approach to understanding what the real issues are and how to solve them is what makes him different.  We continue to see results from the work SISU did with us.

– Thomas Pritchard, Senior Quality Manager, HEB

HEB Grocery Company is a privately held supermarket chain based in San Antonio Texas.  Learn how SISU helped HEB radically improve its training processes and quality adherence through the use of TWI and a custom train-the-trainer program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the online courses as effective as face to face instruction?

No, the online courses are not the same as having Mike Martyn at your organization leading the sessions and responding to questions in real time. However, we have included more than 4 hours of video of Mike’s direct instruction and each course has been tested with actual clients to ensure your success.

Is there a recommended sequence to the courses?

We recommend you proceed from Understanding our Model (review of the book) to the Learn the Principles course and finish with Design the Systems (focused on implementation).

How long will the courses take?

As these courses are highly interactive and full of exercises and implementation assignments, the time it takes to complete each course will depend upon the speed of your execution. Generally speaking, we have designed the courses to be finished in 90 days.

Can I stop and start my program?

The online program is self-paced allowing you to start and stop whenever you want and for any length of time you need.

How do I access my account?

Existing users may navigate to http://www.sisucg.com/my-account.   New users may visit https://www.sisucg.com/shop/ to enroll in a course.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we will issue you a refund in the first 30 days if you are not fully satisfied with the course. If you need additional information, please submit your comment via the Contact Us page.

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