“Own the Gap contains one of the best systematic approaches that I have seen that delivers high impact for creating daily improvement. Every page contains an idea that stops you in your tracks and makes you rethink everything you thought you know about a management system.”


At the heart of the Own the Gap model are the elements of an integrated daily management system which together create the environment for the culture of daily team-based problem solving.  It’s a common sense approach: create an inspiring vision of the organization you want to become and the culture you need to create. Translate this vision into clear expectations for results and behaviors so every single employee understands what it means to win and how they can potentially and positively affect the bottom line.  Build a daily management system that allows you to see how you are progressing toward your goals in real time and enables each team member to leverage their energy and creativity to drive the organization toward its goals.  Finally, engage leaders in the role of coaches, where the need to remove roadblocks and develop people is determined by the gaps exposed in our performance. 

Learn the history behind the Own the Gap model and how its helped thousands of leaders.



Clarify, align and cascade goals and expectations.


Visualze results to comminucate progress.


Daily team-based problem solving aligned to goals.


Standard leadership behaviors and coaching.

Created by Mike Martyn

Mike Martyn is the Founder and President of SISU Consulting Group, and international consultancy supporting more than 500 organizations in 22 countries. 

Over the past 20 years, Mike has also contributed hugely to the development of the Shingo Model and Assessment Framework, is Director Emeritus of the Shingo Institute, a 4x Shingo Prize winning author and Lifetime Member of the Shingo Academy.

One of Mike’s primary roles with SISU is the development of leaders at each level of the organization.  In this role, Mike has trained and personally coached thousands of leaders through his live workshops, online development courses, executive coaching, and Coaching Camps.

What accomplished leaders are saying

“Own the Gap”, lays out a clear picture of the gap that exists between the desired results of Lean and the true means by which those results are achieved.  The book teaches in a simple and systematic way how to develop a team-based daily kaizen culture, and reminds you to have fun while doing it.  By teaching how to build a culture that respects, values, and empowers the people and teams throughout an organization, readers will learn how to realize the true potential of their teams and organizations.  Martyn and Crowell got it right with this book.

Alex Dobsky

VP Operations, Mity Lite

Getting sustained results from change initiatives can be challenging and this is one of the best books I have read on improving  your organization.  The authors provide a common-sense approach and the systems needed for driving real and sustainable improvement. The process of identifying, understanding and closing the gap not only makes sense but has been proven to produce amazing results. The four key systems outlined in “Own the Gap” would be applicable for any business size in any sector of the economy.

Matt Wardle

President, JD Machine

My library is full of interesting books on leadership and management, crammed with theoretical knowledge.  Yet the one which I choose to keep by my side is “Own the Gap.”  Martyn presents a well-organized, closed-loop model that works; we are living proof that the Four Key Systems can be readily learned and deployed across a wide variety of industries and functions.  Though we are early in our Lean journey, our focus is better, our goals are clearer, and our results are strengthening our commitment to this framework.

V'Ella Warren

Senior Vice President, University of Washington

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