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The long awaited follow up book to Own the Gap, by Mike Martyn, with contributions from Teru Yabe (former Chairman of TESSEI).  Written for leaders, Management for Omotenashi explores the role of a leader in a continuous improvement culture.  Filled with practical examples, the book introduces the reader to a new model of leadership, focused on the experience leaders create for their people and the environment needed to motivate and inspire people to give their best and improve their performance each and every day.

“Those who have been a part of a business excellence transformation understand the challenge it represents to engage each and every member of the organization to be an active participant in achieving its purpose, attaining their own self-realization through the work they perform, and using this motivation and energy to delight customers.  Creating the environment where this can be achieved has become the new role of a leader.  Management for Omotenashi offers a practical model that teaches leaders how to create this environment while connecting the organization’s True North with its team member’s quest for self-fulfillment.  In this way, delighting the customer becomes the results of a partnership between the organization and its people, where pride, passion and purpose are shared.” – Chester Zeyaya, VP Global Operations Implant Network, Edwards Lifesciences

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Defining the True Gap
Chapter 1: Defining the Leadership Gap
Research on Engagement and Passion
Leading in a Changing Workplace
Management Skill Matters
Chapter 2: Transforming TESSEI
The Last Resort Employer
Enter Teru Yabe
Changing Perceptions at TESSEI
Transforming the Role of Management
Getting Results
Reflecting on the Transformation
Begin with a Bow, End with a Bow
Chapter 3: Management Omotenashi
What is Omotenashi?
Omotenashi at TESSEI
Keys to Creating Omotenashi
Management for Omotenashi
Designing the Work and Management System
Engaging the Host - Management Service
Engaging the Guest - Employee Participation
Act with Sincerity, Serve from the Heart
Chapter 4: New Model for Leadership
What is Ikigai?
Finding Ikigai Through Work
Essential Qualities of ikigai
Creating an Ikigai Environment
Management for Omotenashi Model
Pride in Work, Joy in Your Life
Chapter 5: Envision an Inspiring Future
Define Your Reason for Being
Paint a Vivid Picture of the Future
Clarify Your Message 76
A Tale of Two Organizations
Connect our Reason for Being
Chapter 6: Design for Balanced Results
Aligning Vision With True North
People before Profit at INA Food
Build Passion Before Profit
Chapter 7: Align and Transform Strategy
Evolve Past PDCA
Chapter 8: Commit to a Kaizen Environment
What is Kaizen?
The Purpose of Kaizen at TESSEI
Grow Pride Through Kaizen
Chapter 9: Foster a Commitment to Discipline 
A Foundation for Success
Making Your Own Miracle


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This course takes the student step by step through our Shingo winning book and implementation model. Each chapter tests for comprehension and contains additional videos and implementation advice not contained in the book.