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Introduction to the Shingo Model - We will begin our workshop with a review of the Shingo Model, focusing on how leaders can use the 3 Insights of Enterprise Excellence and well articulated ideal behaviors to inspire and align the organization on its journey to excellence.  We will also spend time reviewing each of the Shingo Dimensions, helping you understand the role each dimension plays in achieving business excellence.

4-Phases of the Shingo Journey - Next, we will discuss our proprietary approach to using the Shingo Model to help our clients transform their culture and generate sustainable business results.  This 4-Phase process provides a structure to your implementation from the start of your journey to successfully challenging and receiving Shingo recognition.

Shaping Behavior with Systems - After exploring the Shingo model and reviewing the phases of a successful journey, we turn our attention to the design, build and improvement of systems.  Our approach to systems design has been used by more than 500 organizations in 14 countries.

Introduction to Self-Assessment - Finally, we will end our workshop with an introduction to the Shingo assessment process.  Leveraging our 20+ years experience and more than 40 Shingo recipients, we will teach you what Shingo looks for in world-class cultures, which questions to ask, and how to develop your own internal assessment team.



MIKE MARTYN - Founder and President of SISU Consulting Group, Mike is based in Portland, Oregon but travels extensively to support clients across the globe, including Europe, Latin America and Asia.  SISU Consulting Group is a Licensed Affiliate for the Shingo Institute and an award winning international consultancy supporting clients in 14 countries and responsible for the training and development of certified Shingo trainers and examiners. Over the past 17 years, Mike has contributed hugely to the development of the Shingo Model and Assessment Framework, is Director Emeritus of the Shingo Institute, 3x Shingo Prize winning author and Lifetime member of the Shingo Academy. Prior to founding SISU, Mike worked in the private equity arena, successfully turning around companies in both manufacturing and service industries.  It was during this time as a turnaround specialist that Mike was personally mentored in the principles of the Toyota Production System and refined his approach to driving business results by designing a management system that engages each member of the organization in team-based problem solving toward customer-centric goals.

EILISH HENRY - Eilish Henry is the Director of Europe for SISU Consulting Group.  She is experienced in business delivery, organisational change, in particular culture change, including both design and implementation.  She is a Shingo Examiner and is highly experienced in assessing organisations against the Shingo Excellence framework and also in helping organisations to self-assess against Excellence Frameworks.  She was the first Shingo global coach appointed in Europe and has delivered more than 80 Shingo workshops - consistently receiving excellent delegate feedback.  Over the past 12 years she has worked with and supported a large number of organizations to achieve levels of Shingo recognition from Shingo Bronze Medallion to the ultimate, Shingo Prize.  In particular she has supported 10 out of the 17 most recent Shingo Prize recipients.  Her focus is primarily on ensuring the sustainability of improvements achieved through lean programs by securing real “buy-in” and ownership at all levels and in all functions of the client business.  In 2004 she was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for her work in leading large cultural change programs in the UK public sector.



Over the last 20 years SISU has supported more than 500 organizations in 14 different countries, across both manufacturing and service industries.  We do this by developing leaders at each level of the organization who can successfully design principle-based daily management systems that engage everyone in their organization and drive business results.

In addition, SISU Consulting Group is a Licensed Affiliate for the Shingo Institute and award winning international consultancy responsible for the training and development of certified Shingo trainers and examiners.

      • 20 Years Working with the Shingo Institute
      • 9 Certified Shingo Facilitators (1st Facilitator in Europe)
      • 65 Years Experience Working in Shingo Recipient Organizations
      • Adjunct Professor, Shingo MBA Program
      • 3x Shingo Research Prize Winner
      • 40 Award Winning Clients (10 of the last 17 Shingo Recipients)

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